Investing in gold bullion of certified quality

When you invest in physical gold bullion, you must be sure of its quality. A gold bar is in most cases accompanied by a certificate, also called test, regardless of the size of the purchased ingot on which the following information must be included in the bulletin:

The gross weight of the ingot
The number of ingot
The amount of pure gold in it (an ingot must be made of 99.5% fine gold minimum)
The name of the founder
The signature of the tester

Here is a sample certificate for a 10-ounce gold bullion: the number of the ingot is 007,277, the weight is 10 ounces and fine gold ingot of 99.9%. The tester is Valcambi His signature and the tester is at the bottom right of the certificate.

certificate for gold ingot-








It may happen that the ingots have no certificate, in this case it is enough to send in a foundry to do so again.
What about the London Bullion Market Association?

The London Bullion Market is the world’s largest market for gold trading and physical silver. It is overseen largely by the Bank of England. Most members are major international banks or bullion dealers, or refiners. When you buy gold bullion check with your provider what market gets the ingot. The LBMA gold bullion never left the secure storage system. This way you can be sure of the quality of your gold. Goldbroker is a dealer in precious metals, bullion provided by this company meet the various points discussed above.

Why invest in physical gold in 2014

Well known in it’s form as jewelry, we almost forget today that gold is a good investment, both in times of crisis and it used to be a currency.

Since 1971 and the end of Brenton Woods (1946-1971) dollar was removed from the gold standard, this meant the value of the dollar was no longer pegged to the value of gold, today there is no country whose currency is based on gold.

By analyzing the various paper currencies that have existed in the past, it is interesting to note that none of these currencies (non-convertible into tangible assets) has survived, and regardless of the country, in the end it is gold that has always won (you know the quote: “If I had to choose between trusting a politician and trusting the gold, I will always choose to trust gold”).

Certainly physical gold can be seen as an investment but it is also a store of value, which serves as protection against currency devaluation. Many economists have shown that the rate of inflation since 1980 is greater than 11% per year (since 2006 the Fed no longer publishes figures of the money in circulation). Unfortunately passbook does not yet close to a 11% interest rates. The goal today is not necessarily to make money but to protect what you already have. Here are some interesting things to know about the gold numbers:

Since 2002, the price of gold increased by 15-20% per year.
In 2011, market shares fell 1 to 24% while the price of gold increased by more than 20%.
All the world’s gold (jewelery, bars, coins, etc …) may be melted in a room of 20 square meters.

Physical gold, ETFs, junior mining companies, explorers and majors, what is the best way to invest in gold?

The physical gold (coins and bars) is now the safest way to invest in gold. Stock markets are volatile today as they were a few years back, they vary according to the speeches of politicians. If another stock market crash occurs (and it may well likely occur) your shares in mining companies will collapse too.

ETFs are gold paper provided by banks and during a major crisis you cannot be certain that the banks will deliver your physical gold. Do not forget that the previous crisis occurred majorly due in large parts to the abuse of banks.

In the end there is only the solution of physical gold. It is of course advisable to buy gold bullion or coins and store them in a bank vault. If you decide to invest in gold, store at home may be OK for gold investment‘s less than € 5,000. For higher investments numbers of non-banking companies offer to store your gold safely.

why you should invest in gold 2014
Gold Bullion stacked

For your investment in gold we recommend the services offered by BULLIONVAULT.

Gold Prices Rise In New York on Increased Demand for Haven

Gold continued its upward movement in New York, amidst tensions in Ukraine, the price rose as a result of increased demand on Gold as a haven.

Ukraine has refused to allow a Russian convoy of about 280 trucks, headed for eastern Ukraine with humanitarian aid, citing non-compliance with international conventions.

The metal has so far this year, rallied 9%, this defies earlier forecasts by Goldman Sachs group, as outbreaks of violence in the Middle-east and Ukraine has increased Gold’s appeal as a hedge against possible losses in other assets.

Tim Evans, chief market strategist at Long Leaf Trading Group in Chicago, believes this trend will likely continue. He says “You’ll find investors flocking to safe-haven markets, in case of something really does develop much greater than we are seeing at the moment”.

Meanwhile Gold Futures for December delivery, rose by about 0.1% to close at $1,310.60 per ounce, on the New York Comex. Gold prices had earlier risen by 1.3% last week, as the United states government authorized air strikes on Iraqi Jihadists.

Bullion prices fell by  3% in July, as a result of concerns over whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, as data on the labor market show improvements.

Also Silver futures for September delivery decreased by0.9% to settle at $19.905 per ounce in New York.

Gold bars

Five Common Mistakes with Gold Investments

Even though gold is Considered the ultimate safe haven investment, gold still does suffer the impact of the economic environment by which it is surrounded. In addition, gold investments can take different forms, as well as where to invest: in paper gold, physical gold, or why not the gold mines? In investing in gold it is important that some Common Mistakes with Gold Investments should be avoided by the prospective investor. By avoiding these common mistakes you can limit your exposure and at the-same time reduce the effects of any possible setbacks.

1.Taking Gold Stocks as Gold
Most investors make the mistake of equating investments in the stocks of gold mining companies and other paper assets linked with gold to investment in gold itself. While these alternative forms of gold investments can be very profitable and do have their own merits, stock prices may not precisely track the price of gold. The reason why this is so is that they are a lot of other factors which influence the share price of a company. factors such as cost pressures, stage of the mining process, management and mining diversification.

gold arrayed

Although Some investors do believe that gold mining stocks provides more attraction and exposure to gold than investing in gold itself. They believe that gold mining companies are better able to take advantage of an increase in the price of gold through enhanced operational leverage. However, this point of view is only valid when fixed costs are relatively constant. But this Unfortunately is not the cases as recent data on performance suggest, Indeed, gold mining stocks, on average, have significantly underperformed the price of gold.

2.Paying too much Premium

When you have decided that investing in physical gold is the best way to go, then you have to make a note and be aware of gold’s spot price  per Troy ounce. This will enable you calculate the premium you are paying over the spot price of the physical gold. The premium you pay for the gold affects the value of your investments and when you pay too much premium you are invariably starting your gold incitement at a loss. Make sure to find out about all the extra cost that will be associated with the investment such as any insurance, delivery, administrative, or related fees.


3.Not Making Sure that the Gold is Really There

If for example you’ve decided to purchase an exchange traded investment vehicle that aims to track the price of gold. You want to make sure the vehicle really does have the underlying gold on hand. This may become particularly relevant in a case of a run on the vehicle – will the purchased gold be readily accessible for you to liquidate funds? This one reason you have to really take a look at the investment vehicle’s prospectus.

Make sure you understand whether the vehicle has the ability to lease the underlying gold and also the extent to which it typically puts its unallocated gold accounts to use. If this information isn’t provided in the vehicle’s prospectus, then you’ll have to  inquire directly with the sponsor or online; there may be additional supporting materials discussing these subjects.
Unallocated gold is not like physical gold that can be held or touched; it doesn’t sit in a designated vault. Rather, unallocated gold accounts represent “paper gold,” a claim on a third party’s gold holdings. Be aware that a vehicle using large unallocated gold accounts as a proportion of total gold holdings may have insufficient gold in its vaults to cover all the underlying claims on that gold.

4.Overlooking the Expenses

Often times investors tend to overlook the substantial associated costs of holding physical gold. For instance, physical gold is often stored in a local vault and insurance is often recommended (if not required), both of which decreases the annual rate of return on the gold investments.

That said, holding insurance in the case of a burglary may, in hindsight, turn out to be a wise decision. Investors should conduct a personal research of the costs they are likely to incur – do shop around, as you may find large discrepancies in insurance premiums. Investors should be mindful that some vaults are under-insured relative to their full gold holdings and factor that possibility into their assessment of insurance costs, as lower premiums may come with additional hidden risks. Unfortunately, there is often very little choice when it comes to local vaults, in some cases there may only be one realistic option. Many vaults also have limited capacity to accommodate gold (due to its weight), which may increase your storage costs. Be sure you can store your physical gold before buying it! Factoring in these additional costs and determining the impact on your annual rate of return may help you decide whether holding gold in physical form is the right choice for you.

5.There is Only One Real Thing

Some investors may get sidetracked into taking alternative investments (such as gold mining companies, other precious metals or commodities) as being equivalent to gold investments. These other investments are more likely to provide a very different return stream than that of gold. A basket of commodities would have significantly underperformed gold over the preceding 10-year period, while exhibiting higher levels of volatility.

while it is okay to diversify your portfolio so as not to have all of your eggs in one basket, you should do this with the awareness that all metals or commodities are not equal especially when it comes to investments. They are specific characteristics, unique to each metal or commodity that affects both supply and demand, and ultimately the price and therefore the returns on investment. As a result of this dynamics investments in silver or other commodities may not exhibit the safe haven attribute that gold has historically shown. Indeed, during periods of economic contraction, gold has in contrast performed relatively well.



Gold Prospecting 101

Gold and other minerals precipitate when the earth’s surface gives way and eruptions occur. Hot waters, laden with minerals, ascend and deposit a variety of ores. Ensuing chemical reactions causes gold and other minerals to precipitate. This article aims to list some tips that a mining company uses to prospect for gold.

Tip #1: Igneous Rocks

It has been observed that in as many as nine out of ten times, ore deposits have always been found close to igneous rocks. A part of the country that does not have igneous rocks does not have many ore deposits either. It is seen as a waste of time to prospect in such regions.

Tip #2: Igneous Intrusion into Sedimentary Rocks

Igneous rocks contain more useful minerals than sedimentary rocks. Generally, a fissure occurs when an igneous rock formation intrudes into sedimentary rocks. An ore deposit that occurs at the junction or the point of intrusion of the two rocks is observed to be the place where one can find gold.

Tip #3: Alluvial Gold

Alluvial gold, also known as water worn gold, are deposits of gold commonly found in the form of tiny or small flakes or large nuggets in present or past river systems. Volcanic actions that occurred millions of years ago caused upheavals that lifted some river systems to the tops of mountains and yet others to deep layers below the earth’s surface. The rivers changed directions and along the course of flow and intersected into other rivers. The ancient rivers were laden with gold. A lot of alluvial gold has always been found at the points where the rivers cross or cut through one another.

Tip #4: Eluvial Gold

Eluvial gold deposits are also called secondary gold deposits. It is gold that has been shed from reefs. A quartz reef is commonly formed when thermal waters force their way into igneous sedimentary rock intrusions. These intrusions are narrow resulting in the formation of quartz veins. The eluvial gold deposits are frayed in appearance.

Tip #5: Rock Types

A list of the types of rocks that could contain gold in possession of a mining company include Basalt, Dacite, Andesite, Jasper, Diorite, Gneiss, Granite, Sandstone, Quartzite, Quartz, Limestone, etc., among many others.

When prospecting for gold, a mining company would use a range of equipment that is used to recover gold. They range from the gold pan to electronic metal detectors.

Tip #6: Gold is a Heavy Metal

When gold washes down creeks it generally lodges itself under rocks and in crevices of the rocks. The bed or the floor of the creek is where there is more chance of finding gold. In such places the gold appears white and soft and is called pipe-clay. Further down, the gold shows itself in varying shades of yellow. The gold has to be carefully scraped into the pan after removing the dirt. The top layers of gravel do not contain any gold.

Tip #7: Electronic Prospecting

Electronic prospecting is also called metal detecting and is accomplished with a metal detector. It is important to be aware that there is no exclusive gold detector. A metal detector will detect all types of metals. The person using the detector has to learn to use the controls such as ‘All metal’, or ‘Discrimination’ on the detector to be able to detect presence of gold. Most professional prospectors dig ‘test holes’ and pan for gold in nearby water bodies before using the detector.


Josie is a passionate blogger and works for a gold mining exploration company in Australia.

The Difference Between Numismatic And Bullion Coins

A big topic among coin collectors and investors is about whether it is more beneficial to purchase bullion or numismatic coins. The die-hard collectors might say numismatic, whereas professional investors would pick bullion any day.

But what about the people in between? There are plenty of buyers who are interested in precious metal coins for both their practical and aesthetic value.

If you fall into this third group, then read below to learn more about how bullion and numismatic coins differ, and which option is best for you.

Numismatic Coins

First, we’ll start with the collectors’ choice. Collectors generally prefer numismatic coins because these types of precious metal pieces include rare and historical coins that are no longer produced or circulated.

For example, one of the most valuable numismatic coins of all time is the 1933 Double Eagle, which was originally printed to be used widely during America’s Great Depression. But the Double Eagle never made it to circulation because the federal government confiscated the gold and melted it down. Just one of these rare coins can fetch a price of up to $7.5 million.

Other examples of numismatic coins include:

Collectors and hobbyists who buy numismatic coins often do so from an historical perspective rather than monetary. Owning a rare coin that has an important historical significance behind it is like holding a piece of history in your hand. Many people find this opportunity worth the cost.

Many numismatic coins also have strikingly intricate, detailed, an extravagant designs, so some collectors buy them for their artistic value.

Bullion Coins

In contrast, bullion coins are generally the preference for investors, people who purchase precious metals as a hedge against depreciation, and individuals interested in survival preparation. Bullion coins come in gold and silver, and are measured by their weight in ounces or grams.

Most bullion coins are manufactured on a yearly basis, and include pieces like:

Since bullion coins offer a larger, more active market compared to collector’s coins, they are the better choice for investors. Also, unlike many numismatic coins, it is generally much easier to determine the value of a bullion coin. Collectors can be sticklers about what shape the coin is in, which can drive its value way down. But bullion coins are primarily judged by its melt down value, which is standard and more objective when assessing its worth.

Ask the Right Questions

To determine if numismatic or bullion coins are best for you, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Are you interested in coins because you want to own a piece of history, or to appreciate the artwork?
  2. Do you want to buy coins to invest in your future with precious metal coins?
  3. What first made you interested in buying coins? Was it because you are concerned about inflation, or fascinated by a historical event?

There are plenty of different reasons to purchase precious metal coins. Deciding whether numismatic or bullion coins are best for you can prevent a dealer from charging you too much for something you don’t want.

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Why invest in physical gold today

Well known in the form of jewelry, you almost forget today that gold is a good investment in times of crisis and that was a change.
From 1971 and the end of Brenton Woods (1946-1971) the dollar was no longer pegged to the amount of gold, today there is no country whose currency is based on gold .

By analyzing the different paper currencies that have existed in the past, it is interesting to note that none of these currencies (not convertible into tangible assets) has survived, and whatever the country, in the end it is gold that has always prevailed (you know the quote: “If I had to choose between trusting politicians or trusting gold, I will always choose to trust gold”).


While physical gold can be seen as an investment but it is also a store of value, a protection against currency devaluation. Many economists have shown that the rate of inflation since 1980 is greater than 11% per year (since 2006 the Fed no longer publishes figures for the money in circulation). Unfortunately the booklet has features not yet close to a 11% interest rate. The goal today is not necessarily to make money but to protect what you already have. Here are some interesting things to know about the gold numbers:

Since 2002, the price of gold has increased by 15 to 20% per year.
In 2011, market shares fell 1 to 24% while the price of gold increased by more than 20%.
All the world’s gold (jewelry, bars, coins, etc …) may be melted in a room of 20 square meters.
Physical gold, ETFs, junior mining companies, majors and explorers, what are the best ways to invest in gold?

The physical gold (coins and bars) is now the safest way to invest in gold. Stock markets are volatile today , they vary according to the speeches of politicians. If another market crash occurs (and it will) your shares in mining companies will collapse too.

ETFs are gold paper provided by banks and in a major crisis you can not be sure that the banks will have your physical gold. Do not forget that the current crisis is due largely to abuse by the banks.

In the end there is only the solution of physical gold. It is of course advisable to buy coins or bullion and store them in a bank vault (why). If you decide to invest in gold, store it at home for an less than investment € 20,000 . For a greater investment  banking companies can offer to store your gold safely.

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How to buy physical gold

At all times, through out history individuals have formed the habit of investing in gold by buying and storing physical gold. But today, it has become even easier with the emergence of platforms online gold sales. Here is how buy physical gold if you are interested in investing in physical gold without any constraints.

Why buy physical gold:

We see more and more with the crisis, the French are increasingly reluctant to put their money from banks. Indeed, the banking system, directly involved in speculation on the financial markets, fears savers and investors risk bankruptcy when financial meltdown.

That is why they still prefer owning physical gold in the form of coins or bars to have a material value in case of problems. Physical gold has the peculiarity to sell very easily. It is possible to take the opportunity to make money by selling physical gold more expensive than that for which it was purchased, or simply to meet a need for money price point.

But with physical gold, now the problem of storage remains the responsibility of the owner. This means that one should keep his home safe or risk losing everything in case of a burglary or major disaster, or rent a safe in a bank, which could be very costly. Fortunately, buying and selling physical gold can be done today without much need to have the gold “physically”.

The operation of buying gold platforms:

Faced with this problem and the willingness of many households owning physical gold to speculate on its value without being confronted with the problems of storage, some companies have emerged on the internet and offer an ideal solution that enables individuals enjoy the rising price of physical gold without any constraints.

Their operation could not be more simple, since all transactions take place online. Just in effect create an account on one of these sites to gain access to the gold in the form of ingots or sometimes part purchase. Then just like any other traditional shopping site, choose the amount of gold you want to buy and pay with your credit card or with a bank transfer.

But beware, unlike classic gold dealers , these platforms also allow you to sell your gold online to other buyers, when you see fit. So you can be on these platforms as both a buyer and a seller.

Another feature of these platforms or gold brokers is that they offer a storage solution of your gold outside the traditional banking system in ultra-secure warehouses with a much lower cost than what is offered by banks .

Thus, you no longer need to worry about the security of your physical gold while enjoying all its benefits in terms of investment.

Summary of benefits of buying gold platforms:

In conclusion, buy physical gold through an online platform such as those we have presented you has many advantages including the following key ones:

  •     The ability to buy and sell physical gold online.
  •     Secure outside the banking system storage.
  •     Optimum safety.
  •     Limited costs.
  •     Guarantee to buy at the market price
 How to buy physical Gold
How to buy physical Gold



In summary, in learning how to buy physical gold without constraint and considering long-term benefits, gold buying platforms are by far the best solution for individuals.

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Decline in the price of gold: An opportunity to purchase

Gold fell below $ 1,400 in a sealed including many short contracts (sales position) that were sold on the COMEX market. Paradoxically, the idea of ​​buying this metal is attracting more and more followers,  Decline in the price of gold as an opportunity to purchase gold that should not to be missed.

Already baffled by the monetary policy of the U.S. central bank, and the many adventures of the States and the euro area, who are drowning in debt, and more recently by the inextricable difficulties of Greece and Cyprus, investors are struggling to see clearly their financial future. And at a time when many people are wondering if bank deposits will not be taxed in France, as in Cyprus, , the idea of ​​placing the gold at the center ones  investment strategy attracts the interest of a few followers.

Indeed, investors are worried and gold reassures. Unlike the vast majority of investments, apart from the real estate, precious metal has the distinction of being tangible and can be kept at home or in a safe, well beyond the banking windfall.

Although public mass media announced the end of a bull market that lasts for 12 years, many investors refute this argument and believe that gold is far from having said its last word. They base their optimism based on strong demand from China, the difficulties of the gold mines or the appetite of central banks.

– Asian Application: Demand from China, but also India, among the factors supporting the more the price of gold. World’s largest producer of gold, with 361 tonnes per year, China has liberalized the purchase of precious metal. The country is also the largest consumer of the metal industry.

– Reduction of world production: Mining groups struggle with ever higher costs of extraction, matching social problems. Result: in a context of falling prices per ounce, many mines are closing their doors or are preparing to do so, reducing global production (around 2,600 tonnes per year). And when there is reduced supply, said rising prices. Finally, the demand of central banks has never been more important.

– Depreciation of currency: The central bankers are currently busy putting out the fire of a world almost unbearable debt. To relieve the financial system, they began an extensive acquisition of securities of sovereign debt and mortgage transaction. Weakening at the same time the value of currencies available in the circuit. To hedge the risk of inflation, so they buy massive amounts of gold to place in their foreign exchange reserves. They thus purchased 437 tons of gold (net) in 2011, 536 tonnes in 2012, a record high since 1964. And this trend should continue in 2013.

– The price of gold does not reflect simply more physical reality: Finally, the price of gold “paper” has dropped dramatically in total contradiction with the situation on the market for physical gold where it becomes difficult to source.

Asia must also face the biggest wave of purchase “panic” for thirty years. In the United States the U.S. Mint, which fails to meet the strong demand from investors, announced a temporary suspension of the sale of pieces of 1/10 of an ounce of gold. The difference between the value of the spot price and the actual value at which it is possible to acquire gold or physical silver has increased dramatically since the Decline in the price of gold.

If it becomes difficult (if not impossible, for small parts such as mints) to provide physical gold based on the spot price, is there a problem with the mechanism for determining the spot price, or is it simply unreal.

The spot price does not reflect the physical reality and can no longer be trusted to determine the fair value of gold (or silver).

The Country Which Uses the Most Metal in the World and Why

Have you ever wondered which country consumes the most precious and semi-precious metals? The answer is China. China is currently the world’s biggest producer of computers and electronics, which mainly require gold for their circuitry.

How Gold is Used

Gold is used as an electrical conductor in cell phones because it is capable of conducting electricity without corrosion. The lack of corrosion leads to a high degree of reliability. Laptop computers also rely on gold to transmit digital information. Microprocessors and memory chips are edge mounted to computer motherboards using gold, and the plug ends of cables also contain small amounts of gold.

How China Became the Biggest Gold Consumer

China has positioned itself as the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics largely due to the actions of U.S. corporations. Apple has been a major player in sending its engineering, assembly and manufacturing overseas to China. In fact, many smartphones, laptops and other handheld mobile devices are manufactured in China.

The Impact of Chinese Manufacturing on the U.S.

The repercussions of this exodus to China have been a growing shortage of engineering and blue collar assembly jobs in the U.S. It also marks a growing change in attitude between corporations and American workers. Fifty years ago U.S. companies chose to support U.S. workers despite the financial downsides.

A Harsh Global Economy

Today, a harshly competitive global economy forces them to choose economic realities over loyalty to American workers. When every company throughout the world makes decisions solely based on profit and loss, U.S. corporations cannot afford to be driven by sentiment or they would not exist. The corporate ecosystem is built on a Darwinian system, and only the fiscally responsible survive.

China’s Supply Chain

Many people believe the main reason companies like Apple outsource to China is due to the cheap labor; however, that is not the main reason. Technology companies need resources in China because China is able to obtain parts and services cheaper and their factories can ramp up or down faster.

Steve Jobs and the Glass Screen

As an illustration, Apple tells the story about how in 2007, Steve Jobs demanded that iPhone screens be changed from plastic to glass at the last minute. Apple wanted to use Corning, Inc. for the job, but the logistics required finding an empty cutting plant.

China to the Rescue

Meanwhile, a Chinese glass plant bid on the work and had already started building a new wing to accommodate Apple’s glass cutting needs. The new wing was subsidized by the Chinese government, and the factory came with the standard dormitory of tireless, skilled workers. Corning lost the job to the Chinese.

Corning Wins in the End

Eventually Corning began manufacturing glass for the iPhone and went on to sell $700 million worth of glass to Apple and its competitors. However, in order to keep up with demand, Corning has also had to outsource its manufacturing to Japan, Taiwan and China. It is not feasible to transport the glass to electronics manufacturers in these countries when it can be made in adjacent factories.

What is the Next Step for American Workers?

The next area of job growth for the middle class is still a mystery. Companies like Apple are showing a trend of outsourcing their engineers to China. There has been continued growth in the service industries at lower wages, but the avenues for highly paid, highly skilled and highly educated labor appear to be narrowing.

 The Country Which Uses the Most Metal in the World and Why
The Country Which Uses the Most Metal in the World and Why

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William writes for Dynamic Metals stainless steel & titanium suppliers. Look to them for high-grade metals. Metals available include AMS 5643 and many others.

How To Gold Plate

In today’s world of fast fashion and recyclable technology, we don’t tend to hold on to items for as long as our grandparents may have. The tradition of having expensive jewellery has somewhat fallen away; people enjoy changing their look more to keep up with the latest trends, which means costume jewellery is a popular alternative to real gold and silver. Gold-plating, therefore, is big business and investing in a kit could be a good way to re-vamp some of your old items or even make yourself some money.

How does gold-plating work?

A special kit is needed to plate items in gold. These kits can be bought from jewellers or gold-plating specialists, and usually contain liquid gold, a power supply and a brush or wand which connects to this. The item to be plated is submerged in an acid solution and then has the gold particles bonded to it using the charge from the electrical supply.

What items can be gold-plated?

Any item can be gold-plated as long as it has a metal surface. It needs to be metal so as to conduct the electrical charge; however, if the item is not metal then a metallic paint can first be applied to proved to conductive layer. This means that as well as the obvious products of jewellery and ornaments, electrical items such as mp3 players can also be gold-plated.

Other popular items to plate in gold include golf clubs, bathroom taps and car ornaments.

Will gold-plating always look the same?

No, not all gold plating will look the same. Firstly, the solution which you get in the kit could be different from another kit – 14 carat gold solution will turn out a different colour to 24 carat solutions, for example. Secondly, the colour will vary depending on the item itself. If you plate something which is silver, then the finish tends to be quite a dull gold because they react against one another. Plating copper, on the other hand, can leave a more lasting, shining result due it being less reactive.

Can I make money from gold-plating? 

You can set up a business gold-plating and, depending on the amount of people who require the service; you can make some good profits. The kits themselves are not too expensive and the process is fairly quick, so you could get through quite a lot of items in one day. Customization is very popular at the moment and so is there is quite a big market for people wanting plated mobile phone cases or headphones.

The items that you plate may never be worth much if you’re using a gold calculator, but they certainly look great and appeal to today’s consumer market which likes expensive-looking items without the matching price tag.

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10 Treasure-Hunting Spots In The US

Modern day treasure hunters may be surprised to find rich caches of treasure in the United States. We do not mean Geo-caching and seeking ‘treasure’ others have left behind for you to find. But ranging from jade to opal and gold, from meteorites to diamonds and even dinosaur fossils, the United States has some mines that are open to the public to explore. Here’s a look at 10 great treasure hunting spots in the country.

Jade in Big Sur, California

You will find jade on the beach in gravel piles and puddles between boulders in low tide, or on a dive in the ocean in the Big Sur. Carefully scan under overhangs and big rocks.

Diamonds in Arkansas

Murfreesboro’s Diamond Park makes it easy for people to look for diamonds which may be lying around in the soil. You don’t need digging tools for it. There are plenty of family-friendly activities here as well so you can make a holiday out of it.

Dinosaur Fossils in South Dakota

The Devil Hills in South Dakota has seen many successful dinosaur fossil hunters find pieces from the Jurassic era. Take a small pick, X-acto knife, digging knife and a brush for your trip. When you find a fossil, you will need to cautiously dig it out with hammers, trowels and dental equipment and some quick-setting glue.

Emeralds in North Caroline

US’s only public emerald mine is in Hiddenite, North Carolina allows you to take an educational field trip there. Pay for permits to creek, sluice and dig for emeralds, and there are plenty of accommodation options available nearby.

Aquamarine in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

The Gem Mountain Mine in Spruce Pine, California has a flume line you can scan for precious gems – not only aquamarine but rubies, moonstones, garnet etc. Have the stones inspected for free and even get it cut on site by gem-cutters.

Gold in Pine Grove, California

Gold diggers should head back to the location of the Gold Rush of the 1840s – the Mokulmne River and the Roaring Camp on its banks. The mine is still operational and you are allowed to pan for, sluice, dredge and dry-wash your own gold.

Meteorites in the Glorietta Mountains in Kansas’ Brenham Township or New Mexico

If you want to look for meteorites, head to this region with a metal detector and shovel or rock hammer. Meteorites
are usually found in deserts and dry areas. Many people carry a makeshift tool of a walking stick with a magnet taped to the end for easy access to the meteorites.

Turquoise in Nevada

The Royston Mine in Nevada’s Tonopah region doesn’t allow visitors to enter the mines, but they can watch. And you can pay to dig through nearly 1000 pounds of tailing piles. You have 3 hours to dig and you can take back one bucket of material with you.

Geodes in New Mexico

New Mexico’s Rockhound State Park in Deming is a source of geodes, also known as thunder eggs. These look like muddy rocks, round in shape, and sometimes with the texture of a cauliflower. You may need a hammer and chisel to crack it open to find crystals like hematite and amethyst.

Fire Opals in Nevada

The Bonanza Opal Mines in the Nevada region of Denio has been around since early in the 1900s, and runs between May and September. The weather is dry and warm then, so carry water, a hat, sunblock and gloves. Bring along some food and be prepared to camp since many of the fire opal mines are remote.

Sylvia is a passionate blogger and works as a provider of drilling services.

Image Credit: Rhys Asplundh

How Is Doomsday Prepping Impacting Financial Investments?

8453271596_313471af73_bIf you pay attention to the media, then you’ve probably noticed by now that there seems to be a growing trend to prepare for the End Times. Okay, perhaps this trend isn’t as much a trend as it is a simple reality of life on earth. However, with shows like Doomsday Preppers achieving mass appeal, it seems that the concept is reaching a peak in popularity. It may even be affecting your quality of life in ways that you haven’t imagined, especially if you are an active investor. How is doomsday prepping impacting financial investments? Read on to learn more:

Trading and psychology. What many people don’t realize is that the stock market (as well as all other financial trading markets) is largely affected by psychology, more than anything else. How so? People tend to make emotionally-based financial decisions in the market, and savvy investors know to tune into emotionally-driven market trends in order to capitalize on them, in turn making investing decisions that are indirectly based on emotion. In this way, trading and psychology go hand in hand.

Financial investor doomsday preppers. When many of us hear the term “doomsday prepping,” we picture those over-the-top people we see on television, with elaborate evacuation strategies and several years’ worth of canned goods stacked in their make-shift bomb shelters. However, doomsday preppers take on different forms, and a number of financial investors are preparing for the End of the World in their own special way, by hoarding alternative commodities (like silver and gold, for example) rather than holding stocks. The recent financial crisis only served to exacerbate the growing fear among investors, thus increasing the perceived need to build alternative reserves.

The effects of doomsday prepping on trading. A recent poll of financial investors revealed that only 8 percent of them are putting their money into stocks, while an alarming 44 percent of them are pouring their money into alternative commodities. When you consider the implications of many financial investors forgoing stock investments and instead putting away as much gold and silver as possible, it is easy to see how this shift in priorities has the power to ultimately change the landscape of the market completely.

While it is understandable that investors should want to protect their finances in the case that the worst does happen, this disproportionate shift in investment priorities is not necessarily practical, or even advisable. When asked what the best investment strategy is in today’s times, most financial advisors will point to the tried and true method of portfolio diversification. When making your own investment decisions, keep in mind that the best choices are those that are not based on pure emotion.

About the Author: Clifford Gill is an amateur investor who likes to study trends in finance, including doomsday prepping, as well as well known finance experts. He’s interested in Tim Sykes transparency reports and information about potential scams involving large corporations.

Photo Credit:epsos

5 Reason Why You Invest In Gold Now Rather Later

In this article MOTLEY Fool puts forward five strong reasons why it you buy gold right now, as you may well know gold prices have been falling over the past couple of months and motley argues that now is the right time to build up your gold portfolio.


By Sean Williams

There’s little denying the fact that it was a brutal week for anyone who owns physical gold bullion or gold mining companies.

Gold has been under pressure for a myriad of reasons including the strong rebound in U.S. markets which has wiped investor fear nearly off the radar, relatively low levels of inflation over an extended period of time, and, more recently, the Cypriot financial crisis that, as part of its deal to secure $13 billion in financing, required Cyprus to sell a portion of its bullion holdings. Simply mentioning the idea of buying gold is probably enough to send most people scurrying the other way at the moment.

Yet, I believe that now could be the perfect time to consider investing in gold whether it be the physical asset itself or through exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, or directly in individual miners for those who are braver and more willing to take on more risk. Here are five reasons why gold looks like a screaming buy right now.

Source: Kotivalo;

1. Follow Warren Buffett’s advice Admittedly, famed long-term investor Warren Buffett isn’t a fan of gold since it offers the world no “production” so to speak. Buffett would much prefer to own companies, which grow and offer a service or product to consumers, than own an inanimate mineral like gold.

However, Buffett’s investing advice to “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful” perfectly sums up a great reason to buy gold right now. Gold is at levels not seen since 2011 and many brokerage firms, including Goldman Sachs, are jumping aboard the “short gold” train. Buying into a metal that’s held its value through the test of time when investor sentiment is at multi-year lows could be just the recipe to finding long-term success, while also avoiding getting caught up in rampant trading and speculation.

I’d also like to mention that gold does have practical uses, especially in electronics and dentistry, so there are tangible measures of demand to base your purchasing assessments off of!

2. Record-low lending rates will spur gold buying A very accommodative Federal Reserve is the second reason why gold remains a strong buy. The Fed has been more than willing to keep lending rates at historically low levels (0%-0.25%) through 2015 in an effort to ensure that the economy has recovered. The upside, of course, is that low lending rates encourage business and consumer borrowing which helps drive personal consumption.

The downside is that these rates also discourage saving because CDs and most bonds are yielding levels that would technically lose you money in real terms compared to inflation. With another nearly three years of low lending rates forecast, this provides the ample impetus for investors looking for a mixture of price appreciation with capital conservation to look to gold as an investment. Considering that gold has returned an average of 16.4% since 2000 and U.S. inflation has averaged about 3.6% since 1914, you can do the math on why gold could be a big winner compared to a 10-year Treasury bill yielding just over 1.7%.

3. World economies are still weak Gold is often seen as the ultimate hedge against economic weakness. It held its value while seeing multiple other currencies devalued over the same period. In weak economic times, gold provides a potential safe haven investment when equities won’t do the trick and when CDs and bonds aren’t outpacing inflation rates.

Given the current state of the global economy, I’d say that gold presents a compelling case to be bought. Europe’s ongoing financial crisis that’s been headlined by five bailouts (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus), and numerous austerity packages, is likely to inhibit growth and put even the largest financial institutions under a microscope for years to come. In the U.S., the unemployment rate remains uncharacteristically high and GDP growth in the fourth quarter trickled in at just 0.4% after two upward revisions. Add to this that China’s 7.9% GDP growth rate in its most recent quarter is below its 30-year historical average growth rate of 10% and you have a wall of worry that could stimulate long-term gold buying.

4. Retirement savings caps present an opportunity for upper-income earners In the U.S., upper-income earners pay higher taxes and, as of last year, saw phase-outs in Individual Retirement Account tax deductions based on their adjusted gross income. The newly introduced 2014 budget introduced by President Obama last week may introduce yet another constraint on upper income earners that would cap their IRA and tax-advantaged retirement benefit accounts at an annuity level of $205,000 per year.

Of course there’s no guarantee that the President’s budget as presented will pass Congress, but it provides additional reasons for wealthier individuals to consider moving some of their assets into gold where no wealth cap or investing restrictions exist, and access to their money is just a click away.

5. Trends are your friend Finally, two particular trends would signal that gold prices are destined to head even higher.

The first trend is that gold prices themselves have advanced in 12 straight years. While I feign to call an “uptrend” in gold prices on a year-over-year basis as conclusive evidence why gold should head even higher, it has created an expectation among long-term gold investors that gold is a safe haven investment.

Second is the trend that the U.S. is going to infinitely expand the U.S. money supply. The Fed’s $85 billion monthly bond purchases has done well to keep lending rates and inflation under control, but a constantly expansive money supply is going to eventually push the inflation rate higher and provide yet another reason for investors to buy into gold, the ultimate inflation hedge.

Where to invest? Now that you understand why I’m so excited about gold, let me share with you a few of the ways you can buy the yellow metal with varying levels of risk.

The first method is by purchasing an ETF that closely tracks the underlying price of gold. The iShares Gold Trust (NYSEMKT: IAU  ) and SPDR Gold Shares (NYSEMKT: GLD  ) are two easy ways of buying into an ETF that holds physical gold without having to go through a physical gold dealer and taking delivery of the product. Also, both ETFs are extremely liquid, which means that you can access your money through your favorite brokerage by buying or selling anytime you need. The downside, of course, is that physical gold offers no dividend yield, so it’s all about the price appreciation potential here.

If you’re willing to take on a bit more risk in exchange for a dividend, I’d suggest a basket ETF like the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSEMKT: GDX  ) which has 31 different holdings in its portfolio and a net expense ratio of just 0.52% while yielding 1.2%. You’ll get good exposure to plenty of North American gold miners as well as plenty of global gold mining leaders.

If you’re willing to roll the dice even further, my suggestion would be to look at the two most cost-efficient gold miners: Yamana Gold (NYSE: AUY  ) and Goldcorp (NYSE: GG  ) . Both Yamana and Goldcorp stood atop my top-performing gold miners leaderboard in the first-quarter thanks to extremely low mining costs associated with byproduct metal sales. Yamana has been particularly strong, turning in remarkable production growth, while Goldcorp offers investors one of the lowest debt-to-equity ratios in the sector thanks to its strong operating cash flow. To add, Yamana and Goldcorp both offer yields of 2% and are valued at just 10 and nine times forward earnings estimates.

Is this the best value in the gold sector?Goldcorp is one of the leading players in the gold mining market. For the last several years, investors have been the beneficiaries of several successful acquisitions and strong organic growth. Goldcorp’s low-cost production of one of the most sought-after metals in the world continues to make this stock an attractive choice for long-term investors. To learn everything you need to know about this mining specialist, you’re invited to check out The Motley Fool’s premium research report on the company, which comes with a full year of ongoing updates and analysis to keep you informed as key news breaks. Click here now to claim your copy today.

Motley Fool contributorSean Williamshas no material interest in any companies mentioned in this article. You can follow him on CAPS under the screen nameTMFUltraLong, track every pick he makes under the screen nameTrackUltraLong, and check him out on Twitter, where he goes by the handle@TMFUltraLong.

The Motley Fool recommends Goldman Sachs. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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How Much Gold Does China Really Have?

With all the talk about gold and it’s increasingly vital role within the global economy, it seems strange that the mainstream media are not looking closer into one of the most important aspects of this current ‘rush'; China’s gold.

If you keep up to date with current trends in the gold market, then you will be well aware that China is not only the biggest producer of gold in the world, but also, very close to overtaking India as the largest consumer.  Although many official tables place China’s gold reserves at far below that of the likes of the United States and Germany, in truth, there is no concrete knowledge of just how much they are actually hoarding.

The last official Chinese statement, regarding the of gold in their reserves, was back in 2009, and was little over 1000 tonnes – far below that of the United States, which is at over 8000 tonnes.   At the time, perhaps very little was made of this, but with Chine being the main pretenders to the US’s global superpower throne, and gold presenting itself as a major economic factor, murmurs are rightly being made as to what the figure may be in 2013, four years on.

It was estimated by experts last year, that China’s gold reserves had probably grown three-fold since 2009, and that is likely to have increased even further now.  Simply by looking at import patterns over the past 12 months, it is clear to see that China’s rates are ‘off the charts’.  In fact last year was a record breaking one for imports into the East Asian giant.

In addition to this incomparably high rate of imports, it is also necessary to take into account domestic production, which, as mentioned previously, is second to none, globally.  By taking just these two factors into consideration, China’s gold reserves would be up to just short of 4000 tonnes, putting them well ahead of Germany as the second biggest hoarder in the world.

This, in itself, is enough to get both the US and Germany’s, among others, ears pricking, and when you add to that the less easily traceable gold, such as; black market, global mining from semi-national Chinese firms, and indeed the personal consumption, which has been growing at an unprecedented rate, then the level is more likely to be approaching 7000 tonnes.

To tentatively step foot into the world of conspiracy, it is highly possible that the ‘under the radar’ gold entering China is even greater still than the above mentioned estimates.  Consider the current Chin-Africa relationship, for example.  Developing nations on the African continent are growing at an incredibly fast rate, and China is assisting them.  Huge cargo ships regularly dock onto the African continent with large volumes of exports from the Asian giant.  Now, just for a second consider what is on those ships when they return to China.  It is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that it could well be gold.  Indeed, in every African nation where there is gold above the surface, be sure that the Chinese are there mining for their new favorite acquisition.

So What Does All of This Mean?

Without going into too much detail regarding the petrodollar system and China’s apparent attempts to kill it off, it seems that China, along with Japan, Russia, India and others, are increasingly looking forward to a world which bypasses the dollar altogether, and it seems that gold is the ready-made replacement.

The obvious impact that this will have, first and foremost, is reducing demand for the dollar and thus catalyzing hyper inflation.  It may well see gold become the reserve ‘currency’ of the world and this will stunt America’s ‘mock rich’ tactics and create a playing field, that although not level, will be based a lot more on tangible production and business, as opposed to political and economical tactics.

And How Does This Impact My Own Gold Investments? 

Fundamentally, gold is always a good and robust long-term investment, if not lacking on entrepreneurial-esque progressiveness.  If you are a casual/accidental investor of gold, however, then trading in old jewellery or coins etc in for cash, via cash for gold websites can be a great way of giving your bank balance a boost.

James is a part time teacher based in Plymouth England currently studying for his PGSE.


What Is A Karat?

The allure of the phrase “24 karat gold” has stood the test of time for generations. The words evoke glamour, wealth, purity, and a pinnacle of quality. While the phrase on its own has powerful meaning to most, most in turn are unaware of what a karat really means or where it comes from. Read on to gain understanding of this important industry term.

History of the Karat

The karat, sometimes spelled carat, is a unit for measuring the purity of a precious metal, commonly gold, in an alloy. The word was originally used as a unit of weight and came from the Greek word for carob seeds, which in the ancient Greco-Roman world were often used for weighing small amounts due to their perceived low weight variance.

The karat did not initially have a direct relation to gold until 312 A.D., when the Roman emperor Constantine established the solidus as the official gold coin of the empire. This coin was standardized at one seventy-second of a Roman pound, or libra, and was equivalent to 24 karats in weight. This was when the notion of 24 karats of gold became important, though it was later that the karat came to refer to purity rather than weight.

What a Karat Means Today

Today a gold alloy’s karat value refers to how many parts out of 24 are gold. For example, an alloy of 50 percent gold would be referred to as 12 karat gold whereas an 18 karat alloy is 75 percent gold. The remaining component of the alloy is often zinc, copper, nickel, or silver. Mathematically, the definition of a karat would mean that 24 karat gold is 100 percent pure, but in fact any gold alloy that is at least 99.9 percent pure is considered 24 karat. It is important not to confuse this meaning of karat with the modern unit of mass for jewels and pearls, which is spelled carat.

Karats and Jewelry

While pure 24 karat gold sounds in principle like it must be the most desirable form of gold, it is rarely used in jewelry due to its softness; more common karat values for jewelry are 10, 14, 18, and 22. Gold of a lower karat value is more durable and can be more easily colored using the other metals in the alloy, but it will also more readily tarnish. Impure gold is also cheaper unless the secondary metal is platinum. Take care to note the component metals of a piece of jewelry made with a gold alloy; nickel, for example, can cause allergic reactions, and a high level of copper will leave a stain after prolonged skin contact.

Featured images:

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher from the Lone Star State. He recently inherited a jewelry collection from a relative that he was interested in selling. Wendt found Gold & Silver Buyers to offer the best prices on his collection.

British Sovereign Gold Coins

British sovereign gold coins History

First minted in 1816, British sovereign coins are popular with today’s coin collectors. In the early 1800s the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars tore through Europe damaging Britain’s economy. The Royal Mint began producing British sovereigns as part of a large-scale re-coinage program to stabilize the currency. At the pinnacle of the British Empire, the British sovereign was the most widely circulated gold coin in the world. Several hundred million sovereigns were minted in the peak of their production. Britain retired the gold standard in 1917, but sovereigns were minted in the British colonial cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Ottawa, Bombay and Pretoria until 1932.

British sovereign gold coins Types

In addition to the sovereign gold coin, the Royal Mint issued a series of gold coins in varying values including the half sovereign, worth ten shillings, the double sovereign, worth two pounds, and the quintuple sovereign, worth five pounds. Of these coins, the sovereign and the half-sovereign were the only ones widely circulated. In 2009, the Royal Mint released the new quarter sovereign, the smallest of British gold coins.

British sovereign gold coins Appearance

British sovereigns are about the size of a nickel. The majority of sovereign coins bear on one side the image of St. George slaying a dragon. The other side depicts the reigning King or Queen at the time of production.

British sovereign gold coins Value
When British sovereigns were first issued they were worth one pound sterling. Now they are used as bullion coins and are literally worth their weight in gold. At 1.52 mm wide, Sovereigns contain a gold content of .2354 Troy ounces. They are minted with 22 karat gold and are valued for their purity rating of .917. For a rare coin in good condition collectors will pay more than just the gold content. Sovereigns made after 1917 and particularly coins minted outside of Britain are considered especially valuable. These rare sovereigns can be worth thousands of dollars!



Numismatic Coins; What are they

What are they?
Numismatic coins are coins that have a value that is typically higher than their face value. This is due to the historic information that is based on the coin. Whenever coins are considered to be an ancient coins that has some history behind it; then it is considered to be numismatic coins. Therefore, the value of the coin is significantly higher than the actual value. There are collectors that yearn for these coins and the desire is driven by the potential high value of the coin. For instance a gold coin with the face value of 5$ may be worth 60$ in the gold market.

Factors that control the value of numismatic coins.

what are numismatic coins
what are numismatic coins

There are various factors that control the value of numismatic coins. For instance, mark up over bullion value keeps changing and this can affect how well collectors sell their coins. therefore, there is need to shop around well before you either buy this coins as you can be charged exorbitantly for a coin that has little value due to the mark up. There is also the issue of how many coins you will find in a collection. The answer to this question is that you can have a limitless collection of numismatic coins. There is the option of removing coins from circulation or spending as much as 5000$ on coins. Both of  these options are available for collectors who wish to collect coins.

The type of caution that you require as a collector of coins when making a coin purchase.
There are coins that lose value with time. There are dealers who rely on your ignorance and fear in order to make a quick buck from you. For instance you may make a purchase and the bullion value doubles on either gold or silver. This means that you will be stuck with your numismatic coins with no particular buyer for the price you offered. In order to sharpen your skills in coin collection, you need to start out early and build skills in this area before getting into serious trading of these numismatic coins.


Investing In The American Eagle Gold Coins

Gold is normally available both in form of bars and coins, these coins and bars when kept as a store of value is called Bullion. The unit for the measurement of these precious metals is the troy ounce. Some Governments do produce coins from precious metals through their mints. The American Eagle Gold is the official Gold coin of the United States of America. other available gold coins include the Canadian Maple leaf gold coins, The Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins, South African Krugerrand gold coins, the British Sovereign gold coins and the Australian Kangaroo bullion coin,

The American Eagle Gold coins were first released to the public by the mint of the United States in 1986. The release of these coins was enabled by the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 which authorized the production of these coins. The American Eagle Gold coin is available in four denominations, these are in the one ounce, one and half ounce, one and quarter ounce  and the one-tenth ounce.

What Makes the American Eagle Gold Coins Special?
The American gold eagle is an excellent gold coin because of its high purity, most gold coins contain imputes of other metals such as copper and silver, the percentage of gold in the coin is what usually determines the purity and value of a gold coin. These alloy metals are added to the gold to improve on its softness and make it more wear resistant. They percentages of these alloys in the American Eagle gold are 8.33% making the American eagle gold a 22-karat gold (91.67 pure gold).

Another reason why this coins are so special and popular is the fact that the coins come with the backing and guarantee of the U.S. Government, this entails that the purity and value of the coins is monitored by the U.S. Government. This gives investors the necessary assurances for purchasing these coins.

Another reason why the investing in the American eagle gold coins is a smart option is that the coins can be easily liquidated for cash, although this is a feature for almost all gold coins, the peculiarity of the American gold coins make them more widely acceptable.

The American gold eagle comes in a variety of sizes, this makes them more affordable than other coins which do not have such flexibility, also the percentage of copper and silver in the coins make them better suited to storage and everyday handling, compared to other 24-karat gold. This also makes cleaning of this type of coins easier.

Types of American Eagle Gold
They are two types of American gold eagle coins available, they is the gold bullion coins and they is the gold proof coins, the only difference between the two types of American gold eagle coins are in the way or methods through which they were made and the purpose or function which they will fulfill. They are also slightly different in terms of appearance. The gold proof coins are collectibles, meaning that they are popular with collectors and hobbyists. These also come with a protective capsule.

Investing in gold coins is the recommended option for most newbie and beginner investors, and the American Eagle gold coins is perhaps one of the most popular gold coins yet, the obvious advantages of investing in gold coins as earlier pointed out include its ease of liquidation and the fact that it comes with a guarantee you can trust.


How Are Gold and Silver Prices Determined?- Factors that Affect the price of gold

The commodities market continues to generate a lot of interest and this interest is particularly generated by gold and silver. Because of this interest a lot people will ask “How Are Gold and Silver Prices Determined?” movement or slight fluctuations in the prices of Gold and silver are actually caused by the forces of demand and supply and understanding the rules for buying gold and how all this factors interrelate is important.

Most of the world’s supply of gold and silver comes from mining activities going on all over the world, although recycling of gold and silver also has a significant contribution to gold supply. Mining for precious metals is a very expensive process to undertake, this occurs in remote places where this natural resource exists. In addition to this operating a mine also poses safety dangers for the personnel working in the mine. Precious metals gotten from recycling is now.

They are three major sources that drive the demand for precious metals. They is the industrial demand, the demand for jewelry and the demand for Gold and Silver by investors. The demand for gold by all these sources are usually what controls the demand for precious metals and consequently they also affect the price of Precious metals. Gold and silver are used in several industrial applications because of their peculiar qualities and most electrical and electronics components are made from precious metals. Others purchase gold in form of jewelry that can be worn and yet others such as small and big investors such as financial corporations and even central banks buy bullion coins and bars. They are a variety of reasons for investing in gold.

As we all noticed, while the worlds financial system was falling the price of gold was actually hitting a new peak, while this may leave a lot of people asking what are the factors that affect the price of gold? this seems to be somewhat abnormal behavior  but can be explained. When there is a rise in inflation or the value of a currency begins to decline, the value of gold in that currency appreciates. Another Factor that affects the price of gold is an increase in the supply or amount of money in circulation, any time they is a surge in the supply of money in circulation they is usually an increase in the price of precious commodities such as gold, this occurs because increasing the amount of a currency in circulation will decrease the value of that currency and will lead to investors seeking a more secure means to store their wealth.

Towards the end of the 17th century, The city of London emerged as the leading city and center for gold trading and investment, this was around the period when the Bank of England was establishing the first gold standard in the world. Nowadays the prices of gold and silver are determined twice daily and this is precisely @ about 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM London time.This gold prices are fixed by five members of the London Gold Market Fixing. These five members are also members of the London Bullion Market Association. The five members are:
Scotia- Mocatta
Deutsche Bank
Societe Generale
Barclay’s Capital

A pile of nice shiny gold bars


The Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

Ask any gold coin collector really worth his onions, the majority of them will concur that  the philharmonic gold and silver coins from Luxembourg are distinctive pieces with regard to both informal and passionate enthusiasts. These types of commemorative produces are made honoring the actual Vienna Philharmonic Band. The very first Vienna Philharmonic had been minted

in 1989. The gathering can be obtained globally today via enthusiasts, gold coin dealers and also the Austrian Great.

The actual Band The actual Vienna Philharmonic features a historical past greater than one hundred sixty years within Austria’s funds town. The particular best musicians tend to be permitted to try out using the band, that includes a number of conductors upon its globally trips. Locations include Indonesia, Portugal and The Japanese. Every year, the actual philharmonic is actually home with time because of its Brand new Year’s Time concert within Vienna. The actual tradition started throughout Austria’s darkish period once again associated with happier as well as simpler occasions. This continues these days having a globally broadcast that focuses mainly within the functions from the Johan Strauss family members. The actual philharmonic’s relief mission continues to be self-defined as you which daily conveys the music message in order to its audience and the awareness. The actual Vienna Philharmonic had been designated the Goodwill Minister plenipotentiary through the Globe Health Business in 2006.


The actual gold and silver coins function on a single part the body organ through the Fantastic Hall within Vienna, in which the philharmonic performs its yearly Brand new Year’s Time live concert. Additionally, it offers elevated lettering saying the entire year associated with problem, the load, encounter value as well as quality. The actual reverse part from the gold and silver coins show an accumulation of music instruments performed within the band.

Precious metal The actual Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is made from twenty four karat genuine gold and it is currently offered within weights associated with one-half oz, one quarter ounce as well as one-tenth oz, along with 1 full oz. Every is appreciated daily based on the worldwide gold marketplace. It may be offered globally. Earlier years possess offered some other weights associated with limited versions in one, 000 oz . and twenty oz .. The actual 20-ounce item represented the actual 20th wedding anniversary from the Vienna Philharmonic commemorative gold coin.

Silver precious metal

The actual commemorative silver precious metal coin is marked along with one, five Euros onto it, that is the real encounter value when the gold coin, not really the marketplace worth if this may be offered or exchanged in the wonderful world of numismatics. It includes 1 ounce associated with silver precious metal, or even thirty-one. ciento tres grms. In thirty seven millimeters broad, excellent width of three. two millimeters. Within 08, it had been the very first silver precious metal bullion gold coin presented through the Austrian Great produced in Pounds.


The Australian Kangaroo Bullion Gold Coins

The Australian Kangaroo is a form of gold coins which is used in Australia to represent a .9999 fine bullion gold coin. This form of currency was first introduced in the year 1987, by Western Australia’s government based corporation known as Gold. At that time they were referred to as “Gold Nuggets”.

Features of the Australian Kangaroo

Ever since it was launched, the distribution of these coins has been done in a unique way covering two characteristics; they have a special design effect that looks like a two tone frost. Each coin is placed in capsule made from hard plastic which is meant to offer protection from scratches and other damages. This features amazed many because the bullion coin for a standard price had no such characteristics. At the time, the reverse side of the bullion coin featured the picture of the well known Australian Gold Nugget which is why they were cold Gold Nuggets.
The Birth of the Australian Kangaroo

The nugget gold coins were not taken as special or being symbolic. People thought they looked like dirt clods. However in 1989, the old design was swapped to feature Kangaroos on one side and the image of the famous Queen Elizabeth II. This was now embraced as being symbolic because Australia is well known for the Kangaroo animal.
The financial values of the gold coins

The one ounce gold Australian Kangaroo weighs pure gold of an ounce of.9999 equivalent to $100 of Australia. It has a diameter of 32.1 mm and is 2.8 mm in thickness.
The half ounce gold coin is .50 of the .9999 gold and it has a value of A$50. Its diameter is 25.1 mm and the thickness is 2.4mm. It is delivered in a capsule containing 20 coins. The capsule is supposed to keep them from damage during their transportation. There are three more coins but for now, only the first one is available for use.


A Quick Look on South African Krugerrand Gold Coins

South Africa produces tons of gold per-anum. It is one of the biggest industries in Africa and gold mining adds a lot to the country’s economy. Tons and tons of Krugerrand coin were created for marketing and trending purposes. And over the years, the value of this coin remained very important in South Africa.

The South African Krugerrand
The South African Krugerrand gold became extremely popular for its gold value. It helped a lot on the development of the gold mining industry in South Africa. Production of this coin became widely known all over the world that other countries were also influenced on producing their own coins made up of gold. Krugerrand was created mainly for trading purposes. But as the years go by, people also started considering it as a collectors’ item especially nowadays.

A Closer Look to Krugerrand Coin
A Krugerrand coin weighs 1-ounce. It’s composition is mainly gold. In fact 91.6% of it is gold and the remaining is copper. Its exact weight is 1. 0909 troy ounces, thickness is 2.83 mm, and diameter is 32.7 mm.

Market Value of Krugerrand Coin
The market value of South African Krugerrand depends on the current trend in the market. You can easily check the value of this coin by searching online or by newspapers. You can also see information on the current price of this coin on network television and radio. The price of Krugerrand is being updated on a daily basis and it’s depending on the market trend, as well it will depend on the premium added on the coin.

If you want to know more about the South African Krugerrand coin, you can try searching online and see for yourself the importance and value of this coin and how it helped on South Africa’s industry as a whole.Go and check out more interesting information about this coin.



The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

For many years the only gold coin in production was the Krugerrand. Because of the boycott of South African goods at the time, finding and purchasing gold bullion was hardly possible. Then the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf was introduced and the world’s first 24 karat bullion coin made its debut in 1979.

The super Canadian Maple Leaf Gold  Coins

The coin depicts the bust of Queen Elizabeth The Second and is available in different sizes ranging from 1/20th of an ounce to the one ounce variety. The flip side of the coin shows the single Canadian Maple Leaf design, the national symbol of Canada. A huge version of the coin was released in 2007 with a face value of one million dollars. The gold content alone at that time was worth more than double. The super Maple Leaf coin contains 100 kilograms of gold and to date the Royal Canadian Mint have ordered five of the limited addition coins.

Market value of coin

Market value of the famous coin is based on the current market’s ‘spot price’ plus a premium for each coin. All precious metals are reported every day in all the major media as well as television, radio and online. The coin was a great success and a few years after the Maple Leaf coin was introduced it was outselling the Krugerrand. It is said that the classic design of the gold Maple Leaf is virtually unchanged since it first came into being. If you are a collector this is the right place to look. The coins are available in silver, platinum, and Palladium – one of the few coins in the world offered in each of the four major precious metals.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

Factors to Consider When Cleaning Numismatic Gold Coins

A numismatic coin is a coin that is worth much more than its face value. This may be due to the historic information based around the coin. Such coins are considered to be rare and ancient and usually have higher monetary significance and value. These coins are loved by coin collectors due to their history and anticipated value.

With these numismatic coins, one can make a lot of money. However, there are some things that one needs to know about numismatic coins that will help you know whether to sell or buy them. You need to know how to clean these coins to retain their value. The first and most important of the cleaning rule is that if you don’t know the coins value then you don’t clean it. This is because your coin purchaser may need to buy your coin in its original condition. Secondly you need to use a professional if you want to clean your coin. A method called dripping will be used by the professional.

Cleaning your numismatic coin the right way will make sure that you don’t lessen its value. You also need to know how to handle your numismatic coin. Always handle your coin by the edges to avoid finger prints destroying the surface. Further more when cleaning areas that are corroded hence making it hard to determine the date and details of the coin the professional will have to advice you accordingly. When selling an already cleaned numismatic coin, it is important for you to disclose this fact to the buyer to avoid any disagreements in the future. If you need to do the cleaning yourself you should start by experimenting with lower value numismatic coins. Following these guidelines will ensure that your numismatic coins remain valuable hence giving you greater returns in case you want to sell them

Why Invest in Gold – Top Six Reasons to Invest in Gold

Gold investments is one the most attractive forms of investment and an increasingly large number of people are opting for the option of investing in gold, but before it turns out to be bandwagon affair for you, you need to ask yourself why are you investing in gold? what are my reasons for investing in gold. If you fail to this and clarify your motives for investing then your investments in gold might as well be a failed project for you. So listed below  are six of the most common reasons to choose gold as a form of investment


Top Six Reasons to Invest in Gold
Top Six Reasons to Invest in Gold

1 Gold as an Inflation Hedge
Driven by inflation the prices of goods land and equity tend to increase over time. This is brought about by increase in demand forces. The government usually increases the amount of money in circulation, this in turn leads to a rise in personal income, this encourages consumer spending and ultimately leads to economic stimulation. But the adverse effect of this boom is the attendant decrease in purchasing power. The rise in inflation leads to a reciprocal drop in the purchasing power of the dollar. On the other hand the prices of commodities especially gold ignores this short and medium term changes and only rises over the long term, in this way assets held in gold are kept safe from the short and medium term economic booms and bursts. When the inflation rate rises higher than the targets set by the Feds, then they (the Feds) may raise interest rates in the short term. Inthis way they will reduce liquidity and discourage speculations, this will lead to an increase in the prices of commodities such as gold.

2 Gold Provides Portfolio Diversification
Gold provides an attractive alternative for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio and reduce their long term risks and volatility. This is enhanced by the somewhat low correlation of the price of gold to prices of equities and bonds. Most of the major institutional investors are willing to invest in gold as a way of mitigating the long term risks and volatility of their investment portfolio.

3 Gold is a Short-Term Speculation (long or short)
Speculators invest in gold to take advantage of the short term fluctuations in gold prices. Many times fluctuations in the price of gold provides the opportunity for speculators and even long term investor to cash in and take either a long or short position on the price of gold. This can also be brought about by seasonal buying.

4 Gold is an Excellent Investment During a Period of Hyperinflation
In a situation of hyperinflation, people are forced to abandon fiat currencies in favor of more tangible commodities such as gold. When hyperinflation sets in it takes an increasingly huge amount paper money to purchase gold and people with tangible assets such as gold tend to have the economic power. So some people might want to keep portable gold handy incase of a scenario of hyper inflation, but the likelihood of hyperinflation seems far fetched. Though as our recent past has shown as well as happenings in Germany and more recently Zimbabwe has shown – you can never be too sure! it should be noted that this(hyperinflation) is an extreme case of investor lack of confidence-discussed below.

5 Gold is an Effective Hedge Against Dollar Weakness
When fiat money (such as the Dollar) depreciates in value because of investors lack of confidence in the currency’s issuers(the Government) then they will be a rise in the price of gold in that currency. By the way fiat money is paper money that has no intrinsic value and cannot be exchanged for something that has intrinsic value. When investors are unwilling to hold a currency e.g The Dollar they might opt to convert their dollars to more secure assets such as Gold. Factors that could lead to investor loss of confidence in a currency include an increase in bond default risk, fear that assets might be deflated and  increase in the risk of systematic problems that is affecting the currency’s banking system.

6 Gold as a Safe Haven Holding in Case of Catastrophe

Gold is a universally loved and acceptable commodity, this makes holding of portable gold a safe haven investment for times of catastrophe. If you are concerned  that the US economic system as we know is in danger of impending collapse, then it will probably be wise of you to invest in portable gold as a safety measure against such far fetched end of the world scenario.
In a situation of total economic collapse or catastrophe people will only exchange their goods (food and other essentials) for hard assets such as gold. Though the likelihood of this occurring is extremely small, yet it is still a cause for concern for a few investors.

Gold Investments – Top 5 Ways To Invest In Gold

Gold Investments - Top 5 Ways To Invest In Gold
Gold Investments – Top 5 Ways To Invest In Gold

Gold has had a special place or a somewhat sentimental value in most societies and civilizations from ancient times, we all love gold both the wealthy and not so wealthy. In this times of economic turmoil investing in Gold holds true economic potential and opportunities for huge rewards. To help you with your Gold investments here is a list of the top five investment and trading opportunities for Gold.

Physical Gold
In some countries you could easily obtain Physical Gold coins and Bars from banks. Swiss banks for instance have merchant services for Gold where  you can easily buy Gold coins from over the counter. Most buyers gold prefer to for the gold coins because in comparison to Gold bars the coins are cheaper another reason for the popularity of gold coins is the convenience in moving and storing the coins. The price of physical gold is principally determined by the weight of the gold and since the  bars are weightier than the coins they tend to be more epensive. But another draw back for the bars is the etra incured from the verification of it’s value.

Gold Certificate
Buying of Gold certifictes is another option to look into if you want to invest in Gold. This option eliminates the risks and difficulties encountered when investing in physical Gold. When you posses the certificate you own the Gold and this certificates can be easily traded and has thesame value as the commodity itself.

Gold Account
Many of the top banks especially in switzerland and austria offer premium Gold Accounts. In a similar way to buying or selling of foreign currency. An investor who operates a Gold account can easily buy or sell gold from within his or her account. Depending on the account type it can be backed with by an allocated or an unallocated storage of Gold.

Contract For Difference
A contract for difference or gold futures involves the signing of agreement by two parties (the seller of the contract and the buyer) where by the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the price of gold at the time of the agreement and the time the contract expires. But when the prices of gold falls then buyer pays the seller instead. Gold futures offers a medium through which people can speculate on the prices of Gold. This service is usually offered by investment firms.

 Gold Exchange-Traded Funds
Trading of Gold Exchange-Traded Funds is somewhat similar to trading stocks in the stock market. This is another methods that eliminates most of the inconveniences associated with trading Gold.

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Gold has remained an all time favorite when it comes to investing, this article will help you find out how to buy gold coins. Investing in Gold as a financial instrument can serve as a hedge against the prevailing economic uncertainties such as inflation, social unrest and economic downturn. Although the Gold market is not perfect and is constantly plagued with speculations yet in-spite of the speculations the intrinsic value of Gold remains the-same and as a result of it’s stability Gold has been used as reserves by some of the biggest banks around. So are you ready for how to buy gold bullion?

Gold Bullion represents the purest form of Gold, the value of Gold bullion is principally determined by its quality and weight. Gold bullion differs from from other forms of gold like gold coins or jewelry where in addition to it’s weight and quality other aesthetic factors such as artistic views plays a part in determining the worth of the Gold.

In comparison with gold bars bullion coins are a bit smaller, these coins are by the Government of different countries including that of the United States and Canada. Perhaps the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion coins together with the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are two of the more preferred type of Gold coins for first time investors. These coins offer an easy-to-liquidate feature that make them attractive to first time investors.

Where to buy gold bullion?

You can buy gold bullion online from precious metal brokers who charge a commission based on the volume of your purchase.The reputable ones among these online brokers will provide you with the resources and personnel required to guide you through the process and different levels of investing in Gold Bullion.

Bullion Brokers
A typical Bullion broker will have a trading desk setup, whose duties are to monitor intricately the metal market and provide,insights and statistics on the precious market performance. This helps their clients to make decisions and maximize their profits, a typical clientele of an bullion broker will include coin dealers, newbie investors and sophisticated investors. These brokers also help provide fast liquidity for those who want to covert their Gold bullion to cash.

What are the factors one should keep in mind while buying gold bullion online?

One of the factors to consider while buying Gold is the quality of the Gold Bullion. As a Rule i always make sure the purity of the Gold is up to 99.99%. And you should go a step further by ascertaining the quality of the gold you intend to buy, also in deciding between gold coins and gold bars you might want to go for the coins since they offer more Gold for money.

Another factor to consider when buying Gold is the spot price of Gold. Gold prices fluctuate around a base price that is known as the spot price.Because after including the cost of printing of the Gold coins the cost of the Gold so you should look at for the price above the spot price.

gold bullion

8 Types Of Gold Trading and Investing Opportunities

Interest in Gold has seen a significant increase since the 2008 financial crisis, and as more people begin to acknowledge the importance of gold in increassing and preserving wealth, this interest is expected to continue to rise. This article will the various aspects and opportunies present for those interested in investing in gold.

Binary Options
Binary options or fix oadds options is a form of digital trading option that allows for traders to buy and sell contracts for an asset.The option to buy is called the call option while the option to sell is called the put option. In binary trading they options are usually to buy or sell a contract at inorder to benefit from a possible price gain or loss, depending on th option (buy or sell).

Spot Trading
In Spot trading you simply hold a position on gold against the dollar. This is a binary method of Gold trading where you are just trading the inverse of the price movements of the Dollar against Gold. What this means is that if you hold a long position in favour of gold you will automatically be holding a corresponding short position against the Dollar and this can be applied the other way round.

Gold Certificate
The history of Gold certificates can traced to as farback as the 17th century when they where first accepted as legal tender and the first form of currency notes. The distribution of these Gold certificates by the US treasury began in the 19th century, but the distribution of the Gold certificates was halted by the 1930’s ban on Gold ownership.

Buying Gold Bars
Trading of Gold bars has been in practice for a long while, mostly by those who are previleged enough to afford it. In this method of trading gold, phhysical Gold bars are bought and held (Under storage) until there is an increase in price and the owners decides to sell or alternatively this type of investment instrument  can be used to acquire loans since it is accepted by banks as collateral for loans.

Gold Coin Collection
Often taken as a hobby, collecting of gold coins has become a very lucrative method of investing in Gold, the price of these gold coins are determined by how rare a find they are, so the more the rarity the more expensive the Gold coins.

Gold Accounts
This type of investment instrument is mostly provided by switz banks to their more wealthy clients, it involves owning of Gold accounts provided the banks allow over the counter trading of Gold.

Gold Futures and Options
A gold future is an instrument that indicates a commitment made to deliver a specific quantity of gold, at a specified time, at a specified price. On the other hand gold options is an instrument that authorizes the traders to deliver or handle delivery of a specified quantity of Gold at a specific date at a specific price.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs)
The stock exchange market provides an avenue for the trading of gold exchange traded funds (ETFs). An ETF will normally include a porfolio of other financial instrument which will also include Gold ETFs.

How to Buy Gold From US Treasury

Do you want to buy gold from US Treasury? Maybe you need them for your collection or want to invest your money in gold, there are many different reasons for buying gold. After all, it’s one of the oldest currencies and one that hasn’t lost its value. Well, the buying itself is a pretty easy process, you can buy gold coins from the website of the US Mint.

These coins are 22 karats and they come in three different formats – bullion format, proof and also un-circulated coins.

On the US Mint website there are links that take you to the page where you can make your purchase. While bullion coins are mostly for investors, other two types are popular among numismatics. Bullion coins can be bought through a dealer but proof or un-circulated coins can be bought directly.

When bullion coins are what you need, you will be taken to a website where you can locate a dealer. Choose one from the list of dealers and buy your bullion coins from them. There is no need to worry, all coins are still new and issued by the US Mint.

Proof and un-circulated coins are for sale on the US Mint website. Choose a link that will take you to either of them. There you can view the coin and make your final decision. When you have decided, use a regular checkout system to pay for the coin with your credit card. It only takes a few minutes of your time to buy gold form the government.

Your coins will arrive 2-3 days or 1-2 weeks, depending on you choice of shipping. They will be in a hardwood box and have a certificate of authenticity with them. Since the price of gold is constantly rising, buying gold from the government is a great investment, one that won’t lose its value over time.

US Treasury

7 Rules For buying gold

Gold last year sold US$ 52 billion in investments across the country. This is according to the World Gold Council. Because of the fact that gold is one of the surest investment vehicles, you might want to invest in gold. However, you must understand that many unscrupulous dealers have lined up to get a piece of the cake. Below are some tips of how not to buy gold. Remember, the seven ways not buy gold ensure that you are not ripped off especially if you like buying gold bars or coins.

The first tip is to ensure that you do not too much for your gold. Charges that go beyond 8% of the gold spot price smell of rip off.

The second tip is to ensure that you do not buy gold coins just for its historical value. Historical gold coins do not have much value. They do not have any special value above their melt value.

The third tip is not to pay the best price for proof coins. The premiums that most people pay for is always inflated. Stick only with regular coins.

The fourth tip is not to buy fractional coins. This is because you usually end up paying higher markups for such coins.

The fifth tip is to ensure that you do not buy any gold from a cold caller over the telephone. These people do not give you physical possession of gold but only claims.

The sixth rule of not buying gold is do not buy gold based on confiscation scares. There is no danger of gold confiscation in the country. So do not give in to the confiscation pitch. It is only a trap.

The seventh rule of not buying gold is to ensure that you do not buy using advantage. Observe this rules if you do no want to part with your hard-earned money for nonexistent gold.

Gold bars